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Build a Lesser

Start by playing the cards given into each column, you need to try and make what we call a lesser. A lesser is given when we make 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 in each of the columns. (Large picture above) To speed up the process, try and make a lesser with the 20 being made of an Ace and a 9.

We call this a soft 20

Example: A lesser with a soft 20


Gold 3 2 ACE

After acheing the Lesser clear the 16 column with the gold 5 and then clear the 17 column with the gold 4.

Then stack the gold 3,2,Ace in an empty column. If you receive an extra joker, place that in the other empty column. Now complete your lesser (need the 17) without touching the gold stacks. This is the start of the repeating cycle.

Example: Building for the next lesser


Roll the Gold

There are many ways to start a gold rush, however the key elements that make a gold rush are the golden 3,2,Ace stack and golden 4,3,2,Ace stack in a lesser. This allows you to roll the lesser back and forth until you receive an extra joker. Along the way you will stack one joker on the deck for each roll, which may be used to create double joker bonuses for even more gold cards.

Example: The Gold Rush


The Meta

The meta rush is simply a special variation of the Gold Rush that allows you to bypass the extra joker so that you get two gold rushes back to back.

Manage to keep your meta rush long enough you could end up with lots of gold cards giving you the chance to a get an all-time high score! Be warned though, you may end up playing all night.

Example: An all soft Meta Rush

What do I need to know?

  • Not to make 21's
  • What a lesser is
  • How to build a lesser
  • Why we need the Gold 3, 2 & Ace
  • What a Gold rush is
  • How to build & Play a Meta

I can't wait any longer, I want to play this game!

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